"In Pieces"

  • At the Table

(Collage w/ fabrics)

  • Autumn Angel

(Collage w/ leaves)

  • Bass Parts


  • Vase with Flowers

(Collage w/ fabrics)

  • Marine in Rio

(Collage w/ fabrics)

  • The Wave

(Collage w/ fabrics)


This is a series of mosaics, collages, paintings of mix materials and techniques, always looking to bring a new life to broken pieces, falling leaves, pieces of cloths, old ties or dresses, picked pebbles or found shells. An oddment, things left behind, remnants, unused samples are all recycled into a piece of art.

                                              Rita Ivanissevich


  • Juie's Torso

(Terracotta & Marble base)

  • Black Angel

(Bas Relief - Terracotta & Wood)

  • Bass Player

(Bas Relief - Plaster & Bronze patina)

  • Jonas & the Whale


  • Couple in Love

Plaster & Bronze patina)

  • Man Carrying Himself


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