Set Designer & Art Director in FILMS, TELEVISION & THEATER

For more than 7 years I worked in Brazil as an Art Director or Set Designer in many television shows, feature films, short movies, video-clips and many theater plays (1985-1993)


Either in studio or on location, I created and designed scale drawings, signs and props and supervised set construction and decoration teams, achieving the creation of more than 1000 sets.


The Knife (1991) aka Exposure

A Grande Arte (original title)

Director: Walter Salles Jr. (Central Station & Motorcycle Diaries)

Stars: Peter Coyote & Tchéky Karyo

Art Director Rita Ivanissevich & Marlise Storchi

Stelinha (1990) (original title)

Director: Miguel Faria Jr. (

Stars: Ester Góes & Marcos Palmeira

Art Director Assistant Rita Ivanissevich

This feature film received 12 awards at the 18th Gramado Film Festival in 1990.

Director: Hugo Carvana

Stars: Hugo Carvana, Marieta Severo, Marcos Palmeira

Art Director Cristiano Amaral & Rita Ivanissevich

Go to Work, Vagabond II (1991)

Vai Trabalhar Vagabundo II (original title)

Awarded Best Art Director at the 19th Gramado Film Festival in 1991.

Compadecida's Act (1987)

Os Trapalhões no Auto da Compadecidae (original title)


Director: Roberto Farias

Stars: Renato Aragão, Emmanuel Cavalcanti, Renato Consorte, Zacarias, Raul Cortez

Art Director Assistant Rita Ivanissevich

I also worked as Assistant Art Director or in the Art Department on these feature films, based mainly in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil: The Color of Destiny (1987), Parrots and Vultures (1985), Lili Carabina (1989), Kuarup (1989), Blades of the knife (1989)

Two Edged Knife (1989)

Faca de Dois Gumes (original title)

The Color of Destiny (1987)

A Cor do seu Destino (original title)


Set Designer / Art Director Rita Ivanissevich

The Rat (1986) & Roberto Rodrigues (1986).

These 2 short movies were both award winners at the 3rd Rio Film Festival in 1987.

I also worked on Violurb (1985) and Faithful Friend (1987).


Set Designer Assistant Rita Ivanissevich

Designed scale drawings, signs and props, supervised set construction and decoration teams.

  • Globo TV Network - Shows: Pirate TV, "Programa Legal", "Os Trapalhões" (Rio de Janeiro, 1991-93)


  • TVSBT Network - Soap opera: "Brasileiros e Brasileiras" (São Paulo, Jul-Nov /1990)


Blow Thy Horn, Hunter & Pastime With Good Company

Set Designer /Art Director of Renaissance style video-clips by UFF Antique Music Ensemble - Dir. Tunico Amancio (1989)


Little Frankenstein (1989)

Set Designer & Costume Designer Rita Ivanissevich

I was nominated in both categories

Best Set Designer and

Best Costume Design

for the

Coca-Cola Award for Children’s Theater in 1990

Numa and the Nymph (1984)

Created & painted Backdrops and Props



Tito Nadi & Ita Mara's concert (1984)

Created lighting backdrops with stained-glass effect on projections

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